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Cleo stumbles across a key bit of evidence in Arlo's disappearance in Hollyoaks

How much longer can he hide his secret from Cleo for?


Convinced that Abe is cheating on her, Cleo is determined to prove it by following him. But when Marie receives news that there’s been a sighting of Arlo in Manchester, she persuades Cleo to accompany her to the city.

While they wait for a taxi, Marie shares the story of Arlo’s favourite teddy which he keeps in his bag. With Abe acting suspicious, he receives a visit from Chris in the Youth Centre and is shocked to find he's not alone.

Later, returning home, Marie is disheartened not to have found Arlo and when Cleo confronts Abe on cheating on her, he makes an excuse that the message she saw was from a client. But she's left with even more questions when she spots Arlo's teddy in Abe's bag.

Not falling for his excuses, Cleo follows him to the Youth Centre where she hears banging and shouting from inside. Overhearing Abe offering Chris more money to get away, Cleo tries to call the police, but is stopped by Abe.

Hearing that there's been another sighing of Arlo, Marie worries it’s another false lead and turns to alcohol.

When Cleo comes across Joel and a drunk Marie, she calls Abe and offers to help Chris escape.

Later, with Abe ignoring Cleo, he decides to end things with her, putting the blame onto her traumatic past, which has resulted in her pushing people away.

Hollyoaks continues Mondays to Fridays at 7pm on E4 with first look episodes available weekdays at 7.30pm on Channel 4 streaming


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