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The trailer for Stefan Golaszewski's new BBC One drama starring Nicola Walker and Sean Bean has been released ahead of its launch on Sunday 14th August.

The new four-part drama, written and directed by Stefan Golaszewski who brought us Mum and Him & Her, follows married couple Ian and Emma, played by Nicola Walker and Sean Bean, as they negotiate the ups and downs of their 30-year marriage.

We see them dealing with the insecurities, ambiguities, hopes and fears that are part of all marriages, as the drama explores the risks and the gifts of a long-term intimate relationship.

Marriage examines in intimate detail the fears, frustrations and salvation of marriage and the comfort that can only be found in togetherness. It promises to be an up-close portrait of a marriage, sometimes funny, sometimes moving, always revealing.

It also stars James Bolam as Emma's father Gerry, Henry Lloyd-Hughes as Emma's boss Jamie and Chantelle Alle as Ian and Emma's daughter Jessica.

The series is produced by Lyndsay Robinson with executive producers Tommy Bulfin for the BBC, Beth Willis and George Faber for The Forge and Richard Laxton and Stefan Golaszewski for The Money Men.

Marriage starts Sunday 14th August at 9pm on BBC One

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