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Corey left for dead as Abi and Asha seek revenge in Corrie

As Seb is laid to rest.

When Nina overhears Asha telling Corey that she’d like them to get back together, she’s horrified and points out that it was Corey who killed Seb.

Determined to stick to her plan, Asha defends Corey, leaving Nina devastated by Asha’s apparent betrayal. But Asha later assures Nina that she's still her friend and that things aren't as they look.

Sat beside Seb’s coffin, Abi’s heart breaks as she tells him how she wishes she’d been a better Mum. And after a chat with Roy, Abi has a change of heart and dumps a bag of goth dresses in front of Nina, ordering her to go and put one on as Seb would want her at his funeral dressed as the Nina he loved.

Abi is emotional when Seb’s hearse pulls up on the street and Nina is disgusted when Corey appears, making out he wants to pay his respects.

As the wake takes place in the Rovers, Abi’s devastated to overhear Corey on his mobile, laughing about Seb’s death. Picking up a broken bottle and hellbent on revenge, Abi sets off after Corey.

Asha clocks the bottle in Abi's hand as she pursues Corey and begs her to drop it, pointing out that Seb wouldn't want her back in prison. Will Abi relent?

After meeting with a dealer, Abi buys some drugs and at the flat, Asha convinces Corey that she believes he’s innocent and wants to spend the night with him. Having got the drugs from Abi, Asha slips them into Corey’s drink.

When Abi reveals Asha’s plan to drug Corey and go through his phone, Nina’s shocked to realise Asha’s been playing him. With Corey unconscious, Asha scrolls through his phone. But when a call from worried Nina causes him to stir, is Asha in danger?

As a suspicious but disorientated Corey staggers around, Abi and Nina arrive worried at the flat and Corey tries to barge past them. Losing his balance, he falls down the stairs. As Asha looks down at Corey’s lifeless body the women are left with a decision to make. Call an ambulance? Or leave Corey for dead to pay for what they believe he did to Seb?

When Abi returns home, she pulls out the order of service from Seb’s funeral and is overcome with emotion.

Coronation Street will continue Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday on ITV

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