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Coronation Street unveil stunning cast photograph to celebrate their 60th Anniversary

Longest serving cast members William Roache, Barbara Knox, Helen Worth and Sue Nicholls feature alongside other cast members.

The world's longest running drama serial, Coronation Street will reach its record breaking milestone on Wednesday 9th December. The soap debuted on ITV in 1960 and was the creation of Salford born writer Tony Warren.

With the pandemic meaning that large gatherings are not possible a decision was taken to represent the show by photographing the first seven of the current cast to join the soap alongside the most recent seven actors to have appeared on screen as a regular cast member.

Over a period of two weeks the actors were photographed individually in a covid secure studio and then cleverly photoshopped to give the impression of being together.

From left to right on the back row, the actors featured in the new cast photograph are; Michael Le Vell who has played Kevin Webster since 19th October 1983, Jane Hazelgrove who has played Bernie Winter since 24th July 2019, Gareth Pierce who has played Todd Grimshaw since 7th October 2020, Lorna Laidlaw who has played Aggie Bailey since 12th June 2019, William Roache who has played Ken Barlow since day one, Sally Ann Matthews who has played Jenny Connor since 6th January 1986, Ryan Russell who has played Michael Bailey since 12th June 2019 and Tony Maudsley who recently joined as George Shuttleworth on the 16th September 2020.

And from left to right on the front row are; Sally Dynevor who has played Sally Metcalf since 27th January 1986, Adam Hussain who has played Aadi Alahan since 15th April 2020, Barbara Knox who has played Rita Tanner since 2nd December 1964, Mollie Gallagher who has played Nina Lucas since 11th November 2019, Helen Worth who has played Gail Platt since 29th July 1974 and Sue Nicholls who has played Audrey Roberts since 16th April 1979.

The cast photograph also includes a nod to the show’s history as Hilda Ogden’s iconic ducks from her ‘muriel’ were added, complete with wonky middle one!

Over 10,000 episodes later, Corrie has seen 57 births, 146 deaths and 131 weddings alongside affairs, murders, secrets and lies, and not forgetting that unique blend of pathos and northern humour that makes the show just as popular today as it was all those years ago.

The anniversary week will see three storylines reach spectacular conclusions whilst at the same time starting off new chains of events which will take the show into 2021 and beyond.

For months the nation has been gripped by the appalling abuse inflicted by Geoff Metcalfe upon his wife Yasmeen. With Yasmeen on remand charged with Geoff’s attempted murder, the anniversary week will see the end of her trial. Will justice be done or is the nightmare only just beginning for Yasmeen and Alya?

Meanwhile, two people battle to keep a shameful secret that will ruin their lives and those around them. Nothing stays quiet for long in soaps, and as the week progresses the web of lies and deceit they’ve created threatens to destroy them.

At the centre of the anniversary drama is of course Coronation Street itself as the residents unite to save the cobbles from the dastardly dealings of Ray Crosby. Having bought up most of the property and businesses in the area, Ray is ready to flatten the lot to make way for his new development. As the bulldozers arrive on the cobbles the race is on to save Britain’s most famous street.

Corrie continues Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays at 7.30pm and 8.30pm on ITV


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