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Corrie confirm prison riot plot

As David goes head-to-hear with rapist Josh and faces a killer decision.

Serving time for money laundering, David is horrified to discover the man who raped him is also behind bars, awaiting trial for another male rape, in the same facility.

Battling his emotions David tries to hide the truth from his fellow inmates but when he reveals what Josh did to him the other prisoners plan a riot, telling David that in a riot anything goes and that’s his chance to take revenge on Josh.

When the riot breaks out David’s keen to keep his head down, aware he’s getting out soon and not wanting to do anything to hamper his release, but when he’s handed a pair of scissors and presented with Josh will David lose his head and take the ultimate revenge?

Speaking about the new storyline, Jack P Shepherd who plays David said “They say Josh needs teaching a lesson and in a riot you can get away with anything, there’ll be no witnesses and they’ll bring Josh to him.”

Adding “David finds himself swept up in their plan, the thought is certainly there and when he’s presented with the scissors I think he’s capable of anything.”

Whilst Ryan Clayton who plays Josh said “Josh’s safety is at risk and he can’t play the cards he used to play anymore. But he knows he still can use control over David and he does. He is full of bravado but the second he is alone with David you really see how scared and panicked he is.”

Meanwhile, back on the street as news of the riot breaks, Shona’s left with a confused and disruptive Max, wondering if David has just blown any hope of being released in time for their wedding day!

Josh will make his reappearance on Friday 18th October with the prison riot airing on Monday 21st October.

Coronation Street continues Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays at 7.30pm & 8.30pm on ITV


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