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CORRIE SPOILERS Audrey gives Lewis another chance

But how will Gail react when she finds out?

Claudia's sceptical after Audrey tells her that Lewis told her that he loves her and she reckons he’s a changed man.

Having made the decision to give Lewis another chance, Audrey has to lie to Gail so that she can spend time with him and tells her that she has won a cruise and will be away.

When David returns home from he notices that Audrey is acting strangely and together with Gail, they quiz her about the cruise. Gail's suspicious after discovering that the ship Audrey claims to be on was was scrapped months ago.

Worried about her mum, Gail says she's going round to the house and Claudia texts Audrey to warn her. Receiving the text just in time, Audrey spots Gail peering through the window as she shares a romantic meal with Lewis.

Audrey begs Gail to give Lewis her blessing but instead her and David stage an intervention after Audrey falls under Lewis' spell once again. David summons Audrey to the salon and locks the door behind her. Audrey’s outraged when Gail appears from the back.

However, realising they aren’t making any headway, David releases Audrey leaving Gail frustrated.

These scenes will air Monday 20th, Wednesday 22nd and Friday 24th August at 7:30pm and 8pm on ITV


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