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CORRIE SPOILERS Bethany's in danger as her suspicions about Kayla grow

Is the game up for Kayla and will Bethany manage to escape?

After reassuring Craig that he doesn’t have to do his rituals Kayla deliberately slams her car brakes blaming a cat running out and causing Gail and Audrey to crash into the back of her. Feigning injury she tells Craig that it was his rituals keeping them safe.

Worried, Audrey tells Gail the car is registered to a Marsha Clifton and Bethany checks the CCTV footage which proves there was no cat.

Kayla is frustrated when Craig insists he needs to go to hospital as his mental health needs treating. When Bethany discovers Craig has missed his police medical she sets off to Kayla’s house to try and find him.

Having left Craig at the hospital Kayla lets Bethany in and Bethany is horrified when she spots a photograph of Kayla with Neil. Leaving a terrified Bethany bound and gagged in the house, Kayla returns to the hospital to see Craig and tries to convince him that Bethany is a liar and cheated on Nathan with other men by choice.

When Craig objects she produces a photo of Neil and tells him he’s her dad. Kayla is furious when Craig tells her Neil is guilty of grooming and heads back to the house to confront Bethany.

Sarah and Beth are horrified when news of who Kayla really is reaches them and Craig heads off determined to try and rescue Bethany.

Meanwhile back at the house Kayla slaps Bethany to stop her talking about Neil. Will Craig get there in time?

These scenes will air Monday 23rd, Wednesday 25th and Friday 27th July at 7:30pm and 8:30pm on ITV


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