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CORRIE SPOILERS Carla keeps Alya in the dark about Aidan's will

But how will Alya react when she later discovers that Underworld is hers?

In the factory, Alya’s announces she’s secured a huge order with MacNees but her euphoria is short-lived when Carla points out they haven’t got the material.

Adam advises Jenny and Carla that their only hope of hanging on to the factory is to claim that Aidan was of unsound mind when he made his will. However Jenny insists they find another way as Johnny would never agree to that.

Goading Alya over her handling of the MacNees order, Alya’s furious and tells Carla she can stick her job and storms out.

Alone in her office, Carla’s overwhelmed with guilt and emotion. When Michelle finds her sobbing, Carla confides in her about how she blames herself for Aidan’s death, as it appears the stress of being given the factory was too much for him.

When Imran finds Aidan’s will on the photocopier he’s stunned to see that Aidan left the factory to Alya and wastes not time in revealing to Alya that Underworld is hers. How will Alya react?

These scenes will air Friday 8th June at 7:30pm and 8:30pm on ITV


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