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CORRIE SPOILERS Daniel and Bethany share a kiss, Maria loses the baby + more

The following storylines will air 27th, 29th and 31st January at 7.30pm and 8.30pm on ITV

Daniel and Bethany share a kiss

Peter calls an ambulance after Daniel discovers Bertie barely conscious in his cot and as he's questioned by the paramedic about the rash on Bertie's back, Daniel blames himself for not noticing it.

When the consultant confirms that Bertie has measles, Daniel admits to Peter and Beth that he didn’t take him back for the rest of his vaccinations, leaving Beth furious. When she later sounds off at the Rovers, Bethany leaps to Daniel's defence.

Later, Daniel tells Ken that he did take Bertie for his first jab but couldn’t bear to see him in pain so never took him back - and with the next 24 hours critical, he screams at his family to leave him alone.

When Bethany finds Daniel distraught at Bertie’s bedside, he pulls her to him and cries on her shoulder - before faltering, unable to handle his guilt. The next day, Daniel is touched to discover that Bethany has spent the night at the hospital and thanks her for being such a good friend and helping him through such a terrible ordeal.

Not wanting to see Bethany get hurt by Daniel, Sarah tells her to tread carefully whilst Beth warns her to stay away as she'll never replace Sinead.

Back at the flat Daniel tells Bethany to put her wet clothes in the dryer and use Sinead’s dressing gown. Waking from a nap he thinks he can see Sinead and in his emotional state, Daniel confuses Bethany for Sinead.

Kissing her tenderly he asks her to stay, but will Bethany agree?


Maria loses the baby and Gary blames Daniel

Feeling like she's coming down with something, Maria tells Gary that she doesn’t feel well enough to travel but that he should still go to Bristol without her.

But after suffering a dizzy spell, Maria tells Ali that she's bleeding and he insists on driving her to hospital for a scan. Maria is heartbroken when the sonographer tells her that she has lost the baby.

After quizzing her about her symptoms, Ali realises that she has measles and the doctor confirms that this is the likely cause of her miscarriage. Having lost a baby 11 years ago, Maria tells Ali that she can't bear to go through it again.

When Gary returns from Bristol, Maria breaks the awful news that she’s lost their baby, blaming herself.

After telling Audrey that she has spoken to her mum and that both her and Kirk never had measles vaccinations when they were children - she's shocked to find out from Audrey that Bertie has been in hospital with measles - and that she must have caught it from him.

Gary is livid after Maria tells him that Daniel failed to have Bertie vaccinated and a furious Gary later rails at Daniel, blaming him for the fact Maria’s lost the baby.


Tim takes matters into his own hands

When Charlie reveals she’s moving into the Rovers a stressed out Tim begs Abi to help him come up with a way to get rid of her - but as Tim tries to convince her that she's wasted in the Rovers, she's flattered.

Later, revealing that she's got an interview at Gatwick Airport, Tim worries that she’ll leave before she’s signed the divorce papers. With the job more or less in the bag, Charlie evades Tim's questions about the divorce papers, making out it’s going to take a few more days.

When Sally return from Gina's and makes it very clear to Tim that he's still in the dog house he assures her that the divorce is all in hand and he’ll soon be shut of Charlie.

But when Charlie summons Tim to the Rovers to admit that she hasn’t signed the divorce papers because she wants them to make a go of their marriage, Sally is horrified to realise everyone knows Tim’s a bigamist. But how will Charlie react tot he news?

After making him realise that he has failed to face up to his mistakes and instead made up a pack of lies to make matters worse - Sally is shocked when Tim tells her that he has gone to the police and confesses all.


Gemma confides in Chesney about not feeling good enough

In an attempt to get the babies off to sleep, Chesney suggests they take them for a walk, to which a weary Gemma reluctantly agrees.

When Paul and Billy agree to look after the quads, Gemma and Chesney enjoy some quiet time in the Victoria Garden and she admits that she doesn't feel good about her post-pregnancy body. As he tries his best to reassure her, a bus passes with Gemma and Chesney photoshopped out. Fuming, Gemma lets rip at Freshco's Marketing Manager Tara.

After seeking advice from Imran, Gemma is told that there's nothing she can do as the Freshco contract is watertight and they have total creative control.

Grabbing a chisel, Gemma heads out on a mission but as Chesney stops her from ripping down a poster, she voices her insecurities about not feeling good enough for her babies and Chesney assures her that’s not true.

In a bid to cheer her up, Chesney offers to look after the quads while Gemma goes for a drink with Emma.


Geoff manipulates Peter into thinking Yasmeen has a problem with drink

As Alya assures Yasmeen her drinking is fine, Geoff does his best to undermine her confidence and Peter asks her to join him at his alcoholic support group. With Geoff's words ringing in her ears, Yasmeen agrees.

After being asked to perform some magic at Tiana's birthday party, Yasmeen remarks to Michael that Geoff is a little bit rusty which leaves him seething.

Returning from her meeting, Yasmeen tells Geoff that it's made her realise that she doesn't have an alcohol problem. Incensed, Geoff cracks open a bottle of wine and forces her to knock it back.

When Peter calls to check on Yasmeen she is concerned to hear from Geoff that the meeting has done more harm than good and she’s started drinking again!


Steve and Tracy work on their relationship

On the advice of the marriage guidance counsellor, Steve and Tracy make and effort to be nice to each other but it’s clear they’re both out of their comfort zone and they both find themselves attending Ken’s book club as part of their relationship building exercise.


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