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CORRIE SPOILERS David is sentenced as Shona learns more about Josh's past

But will this new information help David pluck up the courage to report him to the police?

After managing to convince Josh's old work colleague Dec to meet with her, Shona's horrified to learn that he was also raped by Josh.

As David's court case begins, Gary takes to the witness stand and it's not long before the judge sentences David to 18 months in prison, suspended for 2 years.

Witnessing yet another argument between Josh and Shona, Alya begins to wonder what's going on and is unnerved when Shona warns her that Josh isn't the guy she thinks he is.

Shona tells David that he isn't Josh's only victim and that he should report his rape. Reeling, will David finally report it? And will Shona accept his offer for her to move back in?

Josh drips poison in Max's ear, telling him that David doesn’t love him as much as Lily because he’s not his real Dad. When Max tells David what he said, David storms into the cafe and grabs Josh, telling him to stay away from Max.

Demanding to know what's going on, Josh makes out to Alya that it was an unprovoked attack but she remains suspicious. As Shona implores David to not let Josh wind him up, that's exactly what he wants. Shona squeezes David’s hand and phones the counsellor for advice.

These scenes will air Monday 21st - Friday 25th May on ITV


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