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CORRIE SPOILERS Eva bids farewell to Weatherfield

As new of Eva's departure spreads, Johnny is bereft thinking he may never see his granddaughter again.

Ahead of Aidan's inquest, Johnny tells Kate and Michelle that he’s not going to stand up in court and make out that Aidan wasn’t of sound mind as he doesn't care about the factory now that Susie has gone.

However Jenny urges Johnny not to stop fighting for the factory as Eva may one day allow him to be part of Susie’s life. After seeing sense, Johnny vows to do all he can to get Eva to come to the inquest so that he can see Susie one more time.

As the day of Aidan's inquest arrives, memories are dredged up for the Connors but they're relieved when Eva arrives at the last minute and Johnny gives his evidence followed by Eva.

As the inquest ends Eva says an emotional farewell to Kate and Toyah begs her to stay but Eva says it is the best thing for everyone if she goes. Meanwhile, Johnny apologises for snatching Susie.

These scenes will air Monday 30th July, Wednesday 1st and Friday 3rd August at 7:30pm and 8:30pm on ITV


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