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CORRIE SPOILERS Fiz receives a worrying call from Cilla, Daniel flees to Scotland with Bertie + more

The following storylines will air 28th, 30th, 31st October & 1st November on ITV

Fiz receives a worrying call from Cilla


When Fiz receives a call from Cilla to say that she's had an accident and is currently in hospital, Jade offers to look after the kids whilst she goes to visit her mum. However when Hope overhears, she gets upset and angry - leading Fiz to confide in Jade that she suspects Hope was responsible for the recent factory fire.

Unsure whether she can leave Hope like this, Jade persuades her that it’s her duty to go and look after her mum and that Hope will be in safe hands with her and Tyrone.

With Fiz away, Jade cooks a lovely meal for Tyrone and Evelyn and hands Tyrone a present - a dartboard.

Daniel flees to Scotland with Bertie


As he struggles with all the funeral plans, Daniel finds himself defending Bethany who's being baited by Evelyn. When Beth hears about it, she's furious and when she spots Bethany comforting Daniel in Victoria Garden, she accuses them of having an affair before Sinead is even cold.

Adam and Peter are concerned for Daniel when he calls at No.1 to announce that he's taking Bertie on holiday to Scotland. Watching as they set off for Scotland, Beth worries that they may . never come back.

Gemma goes into labour as Chesney proposes


When their magazine interview comes out, Gemma and Chesney are horrified to see that Bernie has painted Chesney as a love rat because it made a better story.

Following Sinead's death, Chesney realises that him and Gemma should make a go of things properly, but after arranging to take Gemma to Speed Daal on a date, she ends up in A&E with more twinges instead.

Later, Chesney tells Fiz that he's going to propose to Gemma and the next day he takes her to Llandudno to get away from all the constant press intrusion. Just as Chesney plucks up the courage to propose in a cable car, Gemma goes into labour and Chesney pulls the emergency brake!

As the cable car swings in the breeze, Chesney calls an ambulance as Gemma panics. But is she about to give birth up in the clouds? 

Following the new arrivals, Gemma gazes at her four babies with awe and trepidation. And as she tearfully struggles to express her milk, Chesney and the nurse promises Gemma that she’s doing really well. However she's worries when she's discharged from the hospital in Llandudno but told that the babies must stay.

Gemma is later furious with Bernie when she discovers that she has set up an Instagram account for the quads and even more angry when she discovers that Bernie managed to secure the room at the upmarket hotel for her and Chesney for free, as long as they can use the 'Cable Car Quads’ to promote the hotel. 

David's homecoming hopes are dashed


Apologising to Adam for her daughter's behaviour, Sarah tells him that if it's any consolation, Bethany deeply regrets her actions. Sarah's relieved when he tells her to stop worrying.

Elsewhere, Shona is touched when Gail tells her that she thinks of her as a second daughter and that she’ll do everything she can to ease the burden. After finding out from Audrey that Max has been failing to take his meds and instead, selling them at school, she decides to get the whole family back on track.

Questioned by the police over his involvement in Josh's attack, David maintains his innocence despite being shown the video footage in which he is clearly visible and the scissors which were used as a weapon.

After hearing from Imran that David has been charged with attempted murder, Shona begs Nick to bury the hatchet and help his brother. Sick of all the infighting, Gail calls the family together at No.8 and tells them it’s time they pulled together.

As Gail, Sarah, Nick and Shona attend David’s hearing in the Magistrate’s Court, they hear David, Abe and Tez all plead not guilty to the attempted murder of Josh. With David refused bail and remanded in custody until the trial, Imran calls at the Platts with the news that Josh has regained consciousness.

Shona prays that Josh will tell the police how David actually saved his life and just as it looks like he'll be released in time for the wedding, Imran reveals that Josh has lied to the police, framing David for his attempted murder.

As he attempts to get fellow inmates Abe and Tez to come clean, David's pleas fall on deaf ears and any plans to go and see the governor are thwarted when they threaten Max and Lily. 

Gary steps things up with Maria


After quizzing Maria about her feelings for Gary, Bethany reckons she should go for it and when Tyrone invites both Maria and Gary to a Halloween party at No.9, she's amused when Gary arrives wearing a zentai gold bodysuit. Suggesting they meet for lunch, Maria accepts Gary's invitation.

When Emma arrives to work with a pain in her side, Maria asks Ali to take a look at her. Finding out about her date with Gary, Ali is irritated and Toyah urges him to let Maria know exactly how he feels.

Finding Emma unconscious on the floor of the flat, Gary and Maria call an ambulance. When Steve is told that she has a ruptured appendix, Steve blames Ali and accuses him of medical negligence for telling her that she had food poisoning.

Later, Ali assures Toyah that he’s gradually weaning himself off the diazepam and he’s in control.

Geoff and Yasmeen have an announcement to make


Tim's impressed with is dad after Geoff and Yasmeen announce that they've bought Zeedan’s share of Speed Daal. Whilst Alya’s sceptical of Geoff's involvement despite Yasmeen's assurances that Geoff will be an asset to the business.

Clearly enjoying his new owner status, Geoff invites Sally, Tim, Abi and Faye to join him and Yasmeen for dinner at Speed Daal but when Geoff announces that he’s nipping out for some wine, Yasmeen worries that Alya will disapprove.

Tyrone is baffled by Evelyn's generosity


With their Halloween party over, Evelyn offers to clear up and suggests Michael takes Jade for a drink. However Jade declines, asserting she’s too tired and Tyrone is baffled by Evelyn’s generosity.

Having bought a consignment of bouncy castles, Michael suggests Hope might like to test them out to which Jade agrees, on condition that Hope behaves herself.

Evelyn later urges Jade to take Michael for a drink to thank him for giving Hope such a lovely afternoon. When Michael agrees, Evelyn cunningly tells him to bring his toolbox with him.

However when Michael calls at No.9, he's disappointed when Jade feigns illness and cancels their drink. But it all works out for Evelyn as Michael gets out his toolbox and sets about her list of jobs that need doing.



Realising that Tracy isn't dealing with Sinead's death well, Liz invites her out to Spain with her which Steve reckons is a crazy idea as they'll end up killing each other. But with Tracy agreeing, only time will tell.


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