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CORRIE SPOILERS Gary tracks down Phelan as Nicola takes a tumble

But will the baby be OK?

With Gary wanting Sarah and Nicola to get on for the sake of his child, Sarah visits Nicola with some of Lily’s old baby clothes. Pleased to see them getting on, Gary is horrified when Nicola shows him a message from her new online friend as he discovers the friend is based in Abergele.

His suspicions growing about Nicola’s new friend, Gary decides to do some research and having made some calls, Gary tracks down a man fitting Phelan’s description to a caravan park in Wales.

Home alone at No.11, Nicola hears a noise upstairs, stumbles and falls down the stairs.

Having heard the noise, Fiz rushes round and is horrified to find Nicola lying unconscious at the foot of the stairs.

As Nicola’s loaded into the ambulance she suffers stomach pains and is rushed in for an emergency cesarean, will she and the baby survive?

When Gary and his friend Joe pull up at the campsite in Abergele, Gary’s shocked when he spots Phelan in the distance, alive and well!

These scenes will air Monday 21st - Friday 25th May on ITV

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