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CORRIE SPOILERS Gemma and Henry practice some role play in the Rovers

Leanne's furious after Henry and Gemma help themselves to the Rovers’ cellar and get roaring drunk trying out various cocktails.

As she throws them out, Rita reminds Leanne of her own humble beginnings and suggests she cuts Gemma some slack and gives her some guidance on running a pub.

Leanne and Toyah suggest Gemma tries running the pub for a day but she overspends at the cash and carry and promises to pay Leanne back the £300.

Determined to claw back the money she owes Leanne, Gemma impresses Henry with her plans to invent a new cocktail. Her half price cocktails are a huge hit and she copes brilliantly with drunken revellers, leaving Henry impressed with her people skills.

But Chesney is intrigued and concerned when he hears Henry take a suspicious phone call. What is he up to?

These scenes will air Monday 30th July, Wednesday 1st and Friday 3rd August at 7:30pm and 8:30pm on ITV


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