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CORRIE SPOILERS Kayla dumps Craig

After learning that Neil has been beaten up by another inmate. But will she change her mind?

Sarah can’t raise the £800 to pay Ryan off and Bethany apologises to Ryan for her reaction and suggests a double date with Craig and Kayla. After deciding to visit her dad in prison, Kayla fails to show for the double date saying she is ill.

Craig goes to look for her and is shocked when she calls things off between them. Neil's in hospital having been beaten up by another inmate in prison and an upset Kayla sits by his bed.

Later, word reaches Bethany and Craig that Neil has lost his appeal and Ryan is suspicious when he bumps into Kayla in the hospital car park. As Bethany comforts Craig over being dumped they are shocked when Kayla arrives and tells Craig she has made a terrible mistake and wants him back.

After spinning Craig a line about being scared of the depth of her feelings for him, he agrees to take Kyla back as Bethany tries to hide her upset and gives him her blessing.

Inwardly seething after hearing talk in the pub of Neil’s unsuccessful appeal, Kayla asks Craig if they can go back to the flat and declares her love for him.

Having completed his checking routine Craig takes Kayla to the Bistro for lunch, but whilst they are there she steals his keys from his pocket. What has she got planned?

These scenes will air Monday 9th - Friday 13th July on ITV


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