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CORRIE SPOILERS Kayla's plan is ramped up a gear

But is she able to manipulate Craig and those around him?

Kayla panics at the start of the week when her mum Marsha comes into Speed Daal and recognises Craig.

Marsha disapproves when she's told that she's getting close to Craig to help Neil's appeal. When Craig overhears that her dad is in prison, not knowing it's Neil, he tells her that they have something in common as his dad is also in prison.

Deciding not to tell him the truth, she tells Craig that her dad is inside for fraud.

Having spotted Kyla's strange behaviour, Ryan tells Bethany and goes through her rucksack in the staff room. But what will he find?

And Bethany is concerned when Kayla tells Craig she would like him to be her boyfriend. Craig is pleased to have passed his police assessment and goes out on a date with Kayla who pushes him for info about Bethany’s relationship with Nathan.

Oblivious Craig is happy to fill her in on the details and later that week Craig invites Kayla round for tea and Beth welcomes Kayla to the flat.

These scenes will air Monday 25th, Tuesday 26th and Friday 29th June on ITV


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