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CORRIE SPOILERS Kayla stirs trouble between Craig and Bethany

It all starts when she goes on a date with Craig, but why is she so interested in Bethany?

Craig and Bethany are thrilled to discover he passed his police assessment day with flying colours. After admitting to fancying Kayla, Bethany, despite a pang of jealousy, helps Craig compose a text inviting Kayla for a drink and he nervously prepares for their date.

As they meet in Speed Daal, Craig's bemused when she questions him about Bethany but after relaxing into an enjoyable date, Kayla links arms with Craig and Bethany, announcing she wants to get to know them both better.

Jealous of Bethany, Kayla forma a plan to come between her and Craig. Having overheard Bethany telling Emma she’s worried how Craig will cope in the police force, Kayla drips poison in Craig’s ear, claiming Bethany reckons he won’t cope being a policeman because of his OCD.

Craig’s hurt and later snaps at a baffled Bethany leaving Kayla pleased to have driven a wedge between them.

These scenes will air Tuesday 19th June, Thursday 21st June and Friday 22nd June at 8pm for hour-long episodes on ITV

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