CORRIE SPOILERS Peter makes Carla a surprise offer

After overhearing Carla talking about buying the factory, Carla has an idea and tells Alya that he is Carla’s investor and she will have the money today. How will Carla react?

Yasmeen turns down Geoff's offers to buy Imran’s share of the restaurant, Hunting him down, she's determined she can manage.

Hearing this Alya approaches Carla and handing her Aidan’s DVD explains that she realises the importance of family and is willing to sell her the factory for the value of Aidan’s original stake. Carla is delighted.

Carla confides in Johnny and Michelle that she is struggling to raise the cash for the factory and Alya is pleased when Carla arrives in the pub and orders champagne saying she is ready to buy the factory.