CORRIE SPOILERS Peter's unhappy with Carla

And plans his exit after she decides to hire Tylers mum Vicky!

On Monday (17th September) when Tyler and his mates steal Simon’s bag and rip up his homework, Peter confronts Tyler's mum Vicky who makes it clear she blames Simon for her son being in prison.

In Monday's second episode Peter is furious to find that Carla has offered Vicky a job at the factory.

Despite appealing to her to sack Vicky, Carla tells Peter on Wednesday (19th September) to get over it as she has no choice but to keep her own when Beth and Kirk both phone in sick.

Simon is horrified when Peter tells him during Wednesday's second episode that he's determined to sack Vicky and tells his dad that it will only make things worse. Instead, Peter tells Vicky she can keep her job but she needs to tell Tyler to call off his mates.