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CORRIE SPOILERS Rana and Imran deal with their father's death

Rana confides in Kate, whilst Imran gets close to Leanne.

Confiding in Kate, Rana tells her that she’s going to postpone telling her mother the truth about their relationship as she doesn’t want to ruin the funeral. And having enjoyed a night with Imran, Leanne’s put out when he explains that his father has just died and she was just a distraction.

As Imran and Rana climb in the funeral car, Imran’s furious to find they’re sharing it with his ex wife Sabine.

After apologising to Leanne, Imran's impressed when Sabine comes in demanding money in the divorce and Leanne introduces herself as his PA, saying she will have to make an appointment.

As Imran flirts with Leanne, he is worried that his mum expects him to go on the cruise she had booked with Hassan.

These scenes will air Monday 20th, Wednesday 22nd and Friday 24th August at 7:30pm and 8pm on ITV


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