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CORRIE SPOILERS Roy helps Gail get rid of Richard's curse

But is Roy about to expose Rosemary?

Needing to pay Rosemary the medium £3k to rid herself of Richard's curse, Gail applies for a payday loan and puts Roy down as her employer.

She'd hoped that they wouldn't follow up but when Roy's approached by the loan company, she's forced to admit what she needs the money for. Despite his scepticism, Roy offers to lend her the money on the condition he’ll come along too.

During their first joint seance, Rosemary leaves Gail feeling impressed after claiming to be in contact with Hayley and Alma but Roy's upset and shares his concerns with Audrey.

Convinced that Rosemary’s a con-merchant, they believe there must be a rational explanation for her knowledge. And Audrey insists on accompanying Gail to Rosemary’s psychic event at the church.

Gail laps it up as Rosemary takes to the stage and after enlisting the help of Cathy and Audrey, Roy slips out going in search of evidence unwilling to listen to her claptrap any longer and determined to expose Rosemary as a fraudster.

These scenes will air Monday 4th, Wednesday 6th and Friday 8th June at 7:30pm & 8:30pm on ITV

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