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CORRIE SPOILERS Ryan's night takes a dark turn

As Cormac dies.

On Wednesday (26th September), Cormac continues to wind up Daniel and Ryan at the Bistro and suggests that join him at a dodgy club in town. Adam warns Daniel about who Cormac’s dad is who in turn tells Robert and Michelle on Friday (28th September).

Ryan, Sophie and Bethany are impressed when Cormac tells them he can get them into a new club opening in town but Michelle warns Ryan to be careful.

As they prepare for a night’s clubbing Cormac offers Ryan a line of coke.

In Friday's second episode, Cormac takes some coke and offers Sophie, Bethany and Ryan some ecstasy pills. It's at this point that Sophie and Bethany leave with Ryan running after them.

Alone in the flat, Cormac slips a bag of pills in Ryan’s pocket whilst a very angry Sophie reminds Ryan how his drug taking almost cost her her life. Trying to assure her that he has changes, Ryan heads back to the flat where he finds Cormac fitting.

He calls Ali who dashes round believing an ambulance has also been called but too late he discovers that Ryan didn’t call one and urges him to, but before they can arrive Cormac dies.

Coronation Street continues Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays at 7:30pm & 8:30pm on ITV

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