CORRIE SPOILERS Sally makes a big mistake

After putting her trust in Duncan, against Tim's wishes.

After overhearing Sally telling Tim that she is going to hand over the charity grant business to a colleague, Duncan tries to get her to change her mind. But Tim's wary and doesn't trust him.

But Sally backs him to the hilt and after hearing Duncan talk about his wife’s ordeal she makes a decision.

Angry and suspicious, Tim clocks Duncan arriving at number 4 armed with flowers for Sally and Duncan is thrilled when Sally tells him his fund request has been accepted.

Tim's concern grows when Duncan asks Sally if she can fast-track some of the funds as he has found a good deal on some equipment for the hospital. When Tim voices his suspicions to Steve they agree to check Duncan out. When they visit his office they are shocked to find the place empty.

Discovering that the £40k has disappeared, Sally is sickened and the council head of finance, Jeanette, tells her she has no option but to call the police. Not letting Sally accept all the blame, Tim says that Jeanette is also to blame as she approved the finance transfer.

These scenes will air Monday 9th - Friday 13th July on ITV