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CORRIE SPOILERS Sean comes clean about his homelessness

How will Billy react, and what does this mean for Carol?

As Eileen shares her concerns about Sean with Billy, he promises that he’ll ask around and try and find out where he’s living.

When Billy calls at the Red Rec with supplies for the food van, he’s bemused to see Sean there after Carol tells him that there’s a food van there at 3pm for the homeless.

Thinking on his feet, Sean lies to Billy making out that he’s become a volunteer and he’s here to help serve the food, but Billy’s not entirely convinced.

When Carol arrives at the food van, Sean makes out she’s someone he used to work with at the bingo hall. Will Billy believe him? And how will Carol react when Sean scares away a potential punter for her?

Later, Carol collapses in the park having been attacked and Billy helps Sean take her to the hospital where he breaks down, admits he is homeless and explains everything to Billy.

Sean is angry when Billy gets Eileen to come to the hospital and insists he doesn’t want their charity. But Carol gives him food for thought when she warns him not to turn out like her.

Feeling back that they let Sean down in his hour of need, Eileen and Billy are delighted when he arrives back on the street and says he needs help and Billy offers him his sofa.

As his job hunting gets underway, Sean asks Carla if she’s hiring machinists, pretending to have a friend in need of a job. Carla invites Sean to pass on their CV.

When Carol is discharged from hospital, Billy reveals he’s found her a place at a clinic and Sean encourages her to take it. Despite getting his job back at the factory, Sean is saddened when he and Billy fail to find Carol after she is discharged from hospital.

These scenes will air Monday 20th, Wednesday 22nd and Friday 24th August at 7:30pm and 8pm on ITV


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