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CORRIE SPOILERS Simon falls foul of the law

As his life of crime goes horribly wrong.

After missing his meeting with Simon’s headmaster, Peter is told by Ken that Simon has been suspended.

When Simon meets up with Tyler and the gang in the cafe, they distract Alex and steal from the till and Tyler presents Simon with a hoodie and welcomes him to ‘his gang’.

With Leanne and Peter at their wits end, they both decide to tackle him about the money but he denies all knowledge and won’t answer any police questions.

After quizzing Simon about Flora, Tyler finds out she has inherited £250k and hatches a plan to break into the corner shop flat whilst everyone is at Flora’s 50s themed party at the Bistro.

But wen Flora returns to the flat she disturbs them and Tyler throws a jewellery box at Flora knocking her unconscious.

As she regains consciousness, Flora tells the police that the lad who attacked her did a runner but Simon stayed with her to make sure was ok. Arrested on suspicion of burglary Simon finally breaks down and admits that Tyler forced him to rob the cafe till and the flat.

Back at home alone in the backyard Simon shocked to bump into Tyler who says the police have charged him and he intends to have his revenge.

These scenes will air Monday 25th, Tuesday 26th and Friday 29th June on ITV


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