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CORRIE SPOILERS Simon pleads guilty in court

After apologising to all his victims, he offers to wash up in the cafe for free. But when Tyler walks in, has Simon fallen for his trick? And who will end up paying the price?

As Tyler approaches Simon in the cafe, he says he will call it quits if he gets a free sausage sandwich. Bemused, Simon gives him a sandwich, but as Tyler leaves he slips the sandwich under the gate of No.1.

Later, Toyah finds Eccles seriously ill in the backyard of number 1 and when he returns from the vets, Ken says Eccles ate a sausage sandwich laced with slug pellets but will recover. Simon realises Tyler poisoned Eccles.

Toyah suggests Ken take Simon to a cottage in Cornwall her friend owns to get him away from Weatherfield and Tyler until the court case.

These scenes will air week commencing Monday 2nd July on ITV


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