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CORRIE SPOILERS Steve and Abi share a moment

After a great night out in Blackpool, Abi suggests to Steve that they should do something similar for Tracy’s hen night, but a narked Beth points out that she’s the Maid of Honour and she’s in charge.

Over lunch, Mary and Beth try to outdo each other with their crazy ideas for Tracy’s hen do and Tracy despairs as Abi tries to muscle in on the plans.

Outside the pub, Beth and Steve bitch about Abi and Abi is offended when she overhears Steve saying that her twins are better off in care. Still angry, Abi decides to wind him up by getting Tracy to make their first dance the focal point of the day knowing Steve would hate it.

When she also finds out from Eileen that Amy’s concert was cancelled and Steve went to watch the match instead and also gave Tracy Karen’s old engagement ring she uses the info to drop him in it and force him to agree to the dance idea!

Abi struggles to connect with the twins during their home visit and when one of the twins goes missing, Abi finds him in the ginnel and they tell her they want to go home.

Steve arrives too late with a parcel he was collecting for her from the post office (a present for the twins) to find Abi in tears as her children would rather be with the foster parents than her.

Seb and Emma go in search of Abi and Steve confides in Eileen and Tracy as he feels responsible after what he said about her. He finds her drunk at the tram station and challenges her when a small bag of heroin falls out of her bag.

Telling her about Ruairi he urges her to pull herself together and rebuild her relationship with the children. Grateful Abi kisses him on the lips. Oblivious Tracy arrives to take her friend home.

Abi’s concerned when the social worker calls to see her. When Sally lets slip that Tim and Steve each gave themselves £1k bonus from Street Cars, Tracy’s furious that Steve failed to mention it. Tracy demands that he spends it on an engagement ring and suggests Abi helps him choose it.

Abi assures Steve that their kiss meant nothing as she was completely sloshed. Steve and Abi return from the jewellers having chosen an engagement ring for Tracy. Steve presents Tracy with the ring. To his relief, Tracy’s absolutely thrilled with it.

These scenes will air Monday 6th, Wednesday 8th and Friday 10th August at 7:30pm & 8:30pm on ITV


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