CORRIE SPOILERS Steve gets cold feet about the wedding

But when Peter catches Steve doing something he shouldn't, will he keep quiet?

On Monday (24th September) Peter sneaks off for his dance rehearsal with Abi and Tracy worries that Steve might be getting cold feet after he tells her that he's going for a suit fitting,

Determined to show Steve how much he means to her, Tracy runs him a bath, gives him a massage and offers him a ‘free pass’ leaving Steve shocked.

What Steve doesn't realise is that she means a free spa pass for the hotel where they are getting married, not a free pass to sleep with another woman! On Wednesday (26th September) he ignores Tim’s warning that it could be a trap and eyes an opportunity with Abi at the dance lesson. Will he cheat on Tracy?

In Wednesday's second episode, Steve pours his heart out to a friend saying he doesn’t love Tracy and he can’t marry her. When Peter takes a call from Tracy to say Amy has fallen at the spa and is in hospital Peter comes looking for Steve, but what will he find?

On Friday (28th September), Steve is desperate to stop a furious Peter from telling Tracy what he saw. Taking Tracy to the Bistro because she's upset that Amy will miss the wedding, Steve is worried when he spots Peter on the next table. Will he keep his secret?

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