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CORRIE SPOILERS The truth is out

As Ken reveals all to Daniel about Sinead's diagnosis. But how will he take the news?

Sinead is rushed to hospital after passing out in the ladies toilets at work and when he spots the ambulance, Ken insists that he'll accompany her there.

As she undergoes tests, Daniel becomes aware that something's seriously wrong and Ken breaks the devastating news that Sinead has cervical cancer.

Facing an uncertain future, Daniel's devastation turns to fury as he realises that Ken has kept his wife's illness from him. He's later horrified when Sinead tells him that she's refused treatment as it would mean losing their baby.

Despite being beside himself, Daniel encourages Sinead to do whatever it takes to increase her chances of her survival, but she's adamant that their baby’s life comes first.

Back at home, Daniel vents his rage at Ken until stopped by Peter who explains that whilst Ken has many faults, he can’t be blamed for Sinead’s cancer and respecting her wishes. He also tells him to be the better man and stand by Sinead, despite their differences, to which Ken is grateful, thanking Peter for talking some sense into Daniel.

As Daniel breaks the news to Beth about Sinead's cancer, Sinead reveals in the hospital that she’s going to start mild chemo which won’t harm the baby. But as the oncologist explains the procedure she’s clearly terrified.

When the nurse collects a teary Sinead for her first chemo, Daniel assures her she’s doing the right thing for both she and the baby.

As they return home, Sinead, clearly week, receives call from the hospital about her next appointment and tells them she can’t make it but will be in touch.

Unaware that she’s refused treatment, Daniel tells her everything is going to be fine.

And when Kate hears about Sinead’s cervical cancer, she’s devastated and promises Daniel she’ll be there for him every step of the way.

More information on Monday's special episode here.

Coronation Street continues Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays at 7:30pm and 8:30pm on ITV


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