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CORRIE SPOILERS Things go from bad to worse for David

And as his court hearing looms, how will he plead?

When David’s cell mate Paul tries to gently wake him up, David lashes out and shoves him up against the wall.

Back in Weatherfield, Gails suggests to Emma that she move out, but will she take the hint? And will Shona reveal the truth when Imran pushes her for the details of the circumstances she’s been alluding to that would explain David’s behaviour.

Visiting him in prison, Shona tells David he should come clean to Imran about being raped. But when she admits that she confronted Josh, David grows stressed and she worried that she’s done more harm than good.

Wanting to know why she hates Josh so much, Alya confronts Shona, but will she reveal the real reason?

And finally, on Imran’s advice David pleads guilty at his court hearing

These scenes will air Monday 14th - Friday 18th May on ITV


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