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CORRIE SPOILERS Toyah comes clean to Peter about the baby

How will he react when he discovers the truth?

To give Toyah a break, Peter talks a grumpy Simon into taking Susie out in her pram but Eva’s furious to see him and his mate Tyler smoking over the baby. Storming over, she tears a strip off Simon and wheels Susie away.

After confronting Eva with the hospital baby photo and musing to Toyah that Eva never leaves Susie alone, is Peter onto the truth? With Toyah worried, Eva agrees to move out so they can be a proper family.

However, unable to bear her guilt any longer Toyah takes a momentous decision and tells Peter the truth, Susie is Eva’s baby and their child died.

Peter’s floored as Toyah explains the whole baby pact. Eva’s stunned when Toyah reveals Susie needs her real mum. As Toyah begs Peter’s forgiveness can he come to terms with what she’s done?

These scenes will air Monday 11th - Friday 15th June on ITV


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