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CORRIE SPOILERS Two weddings and a car crash

In a dramatic week of episodes, secrets and lies threaten to overshadow the romance of the occasion, but can love conquer all?

After his final dance lesson with Abi, Beth spots Steve leaving No.11 and tells Tracy who rails at Abi for sleeping with Steve. Heading over to the garage, Tracy vandalising Michelle’s car, knowing full well that Abi will get the blame.

As the morning of Tracy and Steve’s wedding arrives, Tracy can barely believe her dream day is finally here. But dogged by doubts over Steve’s confusion about the ‘free pass’, a suspicious Tracy ends up accusing Steve of a fling with Abi.

As Tracy goes on the warpath, Steve sets about trying to convince his bride-to-be of his innocence. But Steve isn’t that innocent, having slept with ex Leanne. Can Steve talk Tracy into going ahead with their wedding or will the truth out?

Daniel confides in Ken about Sinead's pregnancy and in return Ken agrees to go to their wedding over Tracy’s.

As Sinead steps off the tram she’s floored to see the beautifully decorated garden, but as Daniel gets down on one knee, Sinead’s thrown into turmoil as she’s hiding a secret of her own from Daniel, one which could shatter their dreams.

Sinead has just been told she may have cervical cancer but as her friends and family look on expectantly will she go ahead with the wedding or confide her fears in Daniel?

And with news that Ken and Beth have both favoured Daniel’s wedding, will Tracy and Steve's ceremony go ahead?

When Robert finds a funeral wreath on his car and another arrives at the flat, Michelle’s had enough and sets off to find Ronan.

Meanwhile the Connors are facing their own hell. Since Ryan’s involvement in Cormac’s death, his drug dealer dad Ronan has been out for revenge.

With Ryan having been beaten up while in police custody, and Ronan stalking the family, Michelle feels they have no choice but to flee Weatherfield.

When Michelle attends Cormac’s wake, she implores Ronan to see that Ryan was only trying to protect his son only for him to look at her with contempt. With Ronan hellbent on revenge, Michelle tells Ryan and Ali they’ve no choice but to go and ask for police protection.

They then find themselves embroiled in a terrifying car chase which leaves one person dead, two fighting for their lives, and a secret that will overshadow the family for years to come.

Elsewhere, Jim tells Liz he’s never stopped loving her and would like to try again, to which she promises to think it over. Telling Hannah the money has come through from Liz’s account, Jim urges her to leave without him.

Sidling up to Johnny at the wedding venue, Hannah demands £5k or she’ll tell Jenny about his affair with Liz. Will Johnny comply or is Hannah about to drop another bombshell and unmask herself in the process?

And as the week comes to a close the shock return of Nick Tilsley sends further ripples through the street. He's back for Leanne as the pair have unfinished business. But what has Nick been up to in his years away from Weatherfield?

Coronation Street continues Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays at 7:30pm and 8:30pm on ITV


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