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CORRIE SPOILERS Monday 15th - Friday 19th April

Next week in Corrie, Carla goes missing and believes Rana is still alive, Imran is taken in for questioning, Sarah worries that Gary is responsible for the roof collapse and Tim upsets Sally.

Here are all the latest pics and spoilers you need...

Carla goes missing and believes Rana is still alive

It's left to Peter to deliver the news to Johnny, Michelle and Kate

Exhausted after a sleepless night searching for Carla, Peter calls in at The Rovers to share the news that he believes Carla is mentally ill as she believes Rana is still alive leaving Kate scathing.

Later, Johnny, Michelle and an apologetic Kate turn up at No.1 to assure Peter that they’ll help him track down Carla as they’re as worried as he is.

And Kate is overcome with emotions when the police hand her a bag containing some of Rana's personal items, including her mobile phone, which has an unanswered call on it.

Elsewhere, Michelle lashes out at Robert and suggests that if he hadn’t named and shamed Carla over the roof collapse, she wouldn’t have had a breakdown and gone on the run.


Imran is taken in for questioning

After Wayne's report goes missing from his car

After leaving his report in the cafe, Wayne heads back to look for it and catches Imran reaching for the report leaving Nick to step in and diffuse the situation. When Wayne later discovers that his car has been broken into and his report stolen, he's convinced that Imran is behind it and accuses him.

Shocked, Imran protests his innocence as the police arrive and haul him in for questioning. Maintaining his innocence as the police question him over the stolen H&S report, Imran becomes suspicious when questioned about Nick's involvement. He wonders if Nick is implicated in Wayne’s report.


Sarah worries that Gary is responsible for the roof collapse

After finding out that he's lied to her about his new job

Bethany’s bemused to clock Gary driving his builders van dressed in a shirt and tie. And after a wasted day trying to flog loans, Gary reports back to Rick who suggests he might be better suited to debt collection.

Having changed back into his builder’s clothes, Gary returns home and Bethany’s intrigued so tells Sarah that earlier she saw him wearing a shirt and tie

After stashing his suit into a holdall, Gary sets off for work in his builders' gear and is followed by Sarah who is shocked to see him wearing a suit and getting into a van with a woman.

That woman is Sharon, Rick's sidekick who will show him the ropes on his first debt collection. Gary is shocked yo lear that the first house they go to belongs to Vicky, Tyler's mum. As he's ordered to go through her things and take anything of value, Sharon starts knocking her about. But how will Gary react?

Worried that Gary isn't home yet, Sarah begins to think he might be implicated in the factory roof collapse after Nick suggests it was an act of sabotage. Convinced that something terrible has happened to him, Sarah confides in Bethany, telling her that the police want to talk to him.

Meanwhile, Gary is stunned to find Rick lying in wait at the builders’ yard so that Gary can cover his £11k debt by signing over his van and all the fixtures and fittings at the yard.


Tim upsets Sally

By joking about his condition

When Sally calls in the cab office, she's appalled to to find Dev and Steve messing about with a blood pressure monitor whilst Tim pretends to have another heart attack. Not wanting him to die, Sally implores Tim to start taking his condition seriously.

Elsewhere, Sally points out to Abi that it’s never too late to do her GCSEs after she fails to get a job because of her lack of GCSEs. But will she take Sally up on her offer to arrange some private lessons with Brian?


Coronation Street airs Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays at 7:30pm and 8:30pm on ITV


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