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CORRIE SPOILERS Monday 27th - Friday 31st May

Every year towards the end of May when Britain's Got Talent goes live, Coronation Street are forced to air every night at 9pm and usually these episodes see important storylines come to a climax.

This year is no different as three months after the dramatic events which brought the lives of Coronation Street’s residents tumbling down, secrets and lies will come back to haunt them in a week of must see episodes.

The consequences of the dramatic day in March, when the factory collapsed, finally catch up with both those responsible and the victims of the deliberate act of sabotage.

In five episodes, stripped across the week, the identity of the roof saboteur is revealed, Audrey finds out the truth about her missing money, Carla Connor’s paranoia reaches new heights and the Platts go on a family holiday from hell that sees Audrey discover the truth about her missing money.

Here are all the latest spoilers and pics you need...

Carla's paranoia reaches new heights

As we discover the identity of the roof saboteur

At the start of the week, Carla’s mental health practitioner, Scott, calls at the flat. He’s concerned to see that she’s still suffering from paranoia. As they discuss her condition, Carla listens in a state of high anxiety. And when Michelle visits Carla, she's shocked at the state of her.

When DS Beckett calls round to question Carla, Carla becomes confused and upset on the mention of the factory roof and it’s clear she thinks Rana’s still alive. Peter gives

Carla her medication but unbeknown to him, she flushes it away.

With Johnny and Kate both shocked by the state Carla is in, Kate tells Peter that it’s clear Carla’s medication isn’t working and he needs to accept that he’s bitten off more than he can chew.

After finding her in a confused state, having flooded the bathroom, Peter is comforted by Ken whilst Carla rummages through her collection of stolen phones and stuffs a toothbrush and toothpaste into her bag.

Friday's episode will follow Carla as she suffers a severe psychotic episode with elements of the episode from Carla’s POV.

Consumed with paranoia, having not taken her medication, Carla is convinced that everyone is out to get her and is desperate to escape the flat. When Gary finds her in the ginnel, she drops her bag revealing a stash of mobile phones including Sarah’s.

Having realised to their horror that Carla is missing, Peter, Roy, Johnny, Michelle and Kate frantically phone the emergency services.

Spotting a woman in a red coat that she believes to be Hayley, Carla follows her all the way towards Victoria Street and up the fire escape steps. Intent on rescuing her, Peter follows her up.

Carla stops and clearly hallucinating, talks first to Hayley, then Rana and finally Aidan. Peter listens, heartbroken. Will he be able to rescue the woman he loves?

Also on Friday, the identity of the factory roof saboteur is revealed. But who will it be?


Audrey discovers the truth about her missing money

But will she be able to forgive her grandsons?

This week sees Audrey, Gail, Nick, Sarah, Bethany, David, Shona, Max, Lily and Harry go on holiday, leaving Leanne behind, who refuses to join as she believes Nick is lying to her.

As they arrive at their holiday lodge, Gail is convinced that Lorraine Kelly is also staying there and cajoles Sarah and Bethany to chase Lorraine in a pedalo. Will Gail get to meet her idol?

From one welcome visitor to an unwelcome visitor, David and Nick are shocked when Natalie turns up with some worrying news. And when Shona sees David in close conversation with Natalie she calls the engagement off.

After recognising Natalie’s tattoo, Gail googles her profile, zooms in on her tattoo and tells Nick that she recognises it as the same one on the CCTV footage of the girl who stole Audrey’s money.

With Gail having called the police, Nick's horrified and sets off in search of David who finds Audrey sitting by the lake and plucks up the courage to tell her the truth.

When Nick arrives just as David drops the bombshell, Audrey is stunned, but as David and Nick try to explain will she see it in her heart to forgive her Grandsons?

As the Platts return to Weatherfield, Nick explains to Leanne his reasons for stealing the money and tells her that David made him. But will she believe him? And will David accept the blame in return for half of the barber's shop?


Coronation Street continues Monday 27th - Friday 31st May at 9pm on ITV


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