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CORRIE SPOILERS Monday 28th January - Friday 1st February

Next week in Coronation Street, Peter can't decide which woman he wants to be with, Steve shocks Tracy with his plans for Amy's baby, Tyrone cuts all ties with Evelyn, Seb feels betrayed by everyone and Gemma confides in Chesney and Emma over Paul.

Here are all the latest pics and spoilers you need...

Peter can't decide which woman he wants to be with

After offering Abi a job fixing his boat, Peter notices how upset she is and after comforting her, they end up kissing passionately. When Abi asks him about his relationship with Carla, he insists their just friends and he kisses her.

But when Carla leaves the factory, she spots a light on the boat and heads over. What will she find?

When Peter sees Carla going into the factory, he goes after her and tells Abi that it's too cold to spend the night on the boat. As Peter and Carla talk about their relationship he moves in for a kiss.

But how will she respond?


Steve shocks Tracy with his plans for Amy's baby

Amy is touched when Peter tells her that he'll support her if she decides to cancel her termination. Despite her reservations, Tracy agrees that Steve’s right and only Amy can decide the baby’s future.

But how will Tracy react when Steve suggests they raise the baby as their own?


Tyrone cuts all ties with Evelyn after discovering the truth

Tyrone confronts Evelyn after James tells him that it was Evelyn who abandoned him as a baby and not his mum.

Having been backed into a corner, Evelyn tells Tyrone how his mother Cassie was a drug addict and left him on the steps of a police station. Revealing how she never stopped thinking about him, Evelyn tells Tyrone that she wanted to be a part of his life.

Hurt and upset, Tyrone tells Evelyn to enjoy her holiday and not to bother coming back. When Evelyn begs Roy to speak to him, Roy warns Tyrone not to turn his back on his grandmother, admitting how much he regrets his fractured relationship with Sylvia.


Seb feels betrayed by everyone and lets Gary know about Sarah's night with Adam

Sporting a black eye and without a full time job, Seb isn't confident that the twins' adoption hearing is going to go his way.

Feeling bad, Sarah suggests Adam could make amends by representing Seb at the hearing for free. Reluctantly, Adam apologises to Seb for punching him and agrees to represent him for free at the adoption hearing, leaving him taken aback but delighted.

Calling at the yard, Abi and Eileen do their best to talk Seb out of his mission to adopt the twins. As their row escalates, they fail to notice Gary turning up with a prospective client, who tells Gary that he's taking his business elsewhere.

When Gary tells Seb that he's fired, Seb has an ultimatum for Sarah. As he attends the twin's hearing, he lies about having a full time job as well as the full backing of Eileen. But how will the court rule when Abi calls out Seb's lying and says that as much as it breaks her heart, the twins should remain with their foster parents?

Angry, Seb turns on Gary for sacking him and tells him about Sarah spending the evening at Adam's flat. But how will he react?


Gemma confides in Chesney and Emma over Paul

After offering to help him sort out the donations for the church bring and buy sale, Billy takes Paul for a drink to say thank you. But when Billy gets a message from Summer to say that she's lost her iPad, Gemma immediately and publicly accuses Paul of stealing it.

Gemma laters confides in Chesney and Emma, telling them that Paul took the rap for some things she has done in her past and has never let her forget it.


Coronation Street airs Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays at 7:30pm and 8:30pm on ITV

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