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CORRIE SPOILERS Monday 4th - Friday 8th February

Next week in Coronation Street, things are looking up for Gemma, Liz disappears, Shona agrees to help Clayton and Rita resigns from The Kabin.

Here are all the latest pics and spoilers you need...

Things are looking up for Gemma

As she bury's the hatchet with her brother and finally cracks on with Chesney

After Sylvia's ring goes missing, Gemma's suspicious and confronts Paul who admits that he has already sold the ring for £200 to a market trader called 'Big Garth'.

Unaware that it was worth £3,000, Paul heads off to the market with Gemma running after him to try and get the ring back. But when Paul threatens to tell Chesney all about her past if she grasses on him, will Gemma keep quiet?

When Garth refuses to hand over the ring, Gemma and Paul break into his van to try and after they get locked in the back of the van, Paul starts to panic and Gemma calls Emma and Chesney to help distract Garth.

After watching them hug, Emma realises how much Chesney and Gemma should be together and puts an end to their relationship... leading to a snog between Chesney and Gemma!

Meanwhile there's more good news for Gemma after her and Paul bury the hatchet and admit that they have missed each other.

After standing him up, Gemma apologises to Chesney and assures him that her feelings towards him haven’t changed and he's delighted when she suggests they have a night in with a takeaway.

And when Gemma puts in a shift at the Rovers, she asks Emma to take over the bar so that her and Chesney can have some alone time in the cellar.


Liz disappears after coming face-to-face with Jenny

But who's really behind her disappearance?

With Johnny in Brighton visiting Eva and Susie, Jenny hits the bottle again, stumbling around the bar before chucking everyone out of the pub!

After hearing about Jenny's meltdown, Liz decides to let herself into the pub but what will happen when the two come face-to-face?

As the day of the court case arrives, Gemma resorts to drastic measures after Imran tells her that the only way the case can be stopped is if Liz doesn't turn up. After blagging her way into Liz's flat, Liz disappears. What has Gemma done?

Steve is worries when the police turn up to look for her after she didn't show up in court. What has happened to her?

After Johnny reaches out to a fragile Jenny, they finally talk openly about their relationship and the mistakes they've made and vow to move forward united.


Shona agrees to help Clayton

But when things don't go to plan, how will Clayton react?

When Shona visits Clayton in prison to tell him that his dad has died from an overdose, she's taken aback when he asks her to help him get moved to an open prison after revealing that he's being bullied.

After enlisting Imran's help, Shona doesn't hold out much hope and Nick is furious with her, telling her that she has no regard for David's feelings.

However David tells Nick off for interfering and reveals that the only person he's angry with is himself as he's unable to help her.

Breaking the news to Clayton that a move is unlikely, Shona is shocked by his response and refuses to go along with his new plan.

But as she and David head for bed someone picks the lock on the back door…


Rita resigns from The Kabin

After discovering that Brian and Cathy buy the shop from Norris

After suggesting to Cathy that they should buy The Kabin, Brian is delighted and as they head over to tell Rita the good news, they are shocked to find Rita angry at Norris.

Revealing that he has sold the shop from under her, little does Rita know that Brian and Cathy are the new buyers. When she finds out, she's furious that they went behind her back and resigns, chucking the keys at them!

Struggling to run the shop on his own, Cathy urges Brian to make up with Rita and when he calls at her flat, she agrees to come back, but on one condition... that she's made manager.


Coronation Street airs Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays at 7:30pm and 8:30pm on ITV


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