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CORRIE SPOILERS Monday 11th - Friday 15th February

Next week in Coronation Street, Shona puts herself in danger to protect Clayton, Peter's boat sets ablaze, Roy struggles to deal with his mother's death, Tyler wants to be a part of his baby's life, Tyrone has a secret admirer and Chesney and Gemma argue.

Here are all the latest pics and spoilers you need...

Shona puts herself in danger to protect Clayton

As David and Nick demand answers

After finding a DVD on the doormat, Shona is horrified to discover that someone has filmed them as they slept. Clayton tells her the prison bullies were behind it and she needs to help him or they will be after her. But when she's cornered by two thugs in the barbers shop, will Shona agree to their demands?

Spotting the commotion, Nick follows Shona and after seeing her taking a parcel off two things in the street, he confronts her and asks her what's going on.

Shona rushes to the hospital after receiving a call to say that Clayton has been beaten up in prison. Not giving up on her son, Shona is crushed when Clayton tells her that he wishes she'd died instead of his dad.

Meanwhile, back in the barber shop, as David starts smashing mirrors, he forces information from Nick and confronts Shona about why Clayton was beaten up. Playing it down, Shona keeps schtum about the drugs.


Peter's boat sets ablaze

But is he right to point the finger at Abi?

After spending the night at number 4, Abi is gutted when Peter tells her that he has accepted a sailing gig in Kefalonia and will leave in a fortnight. Taking to the bottle, Abi lashes out at Carla and blames her for Peter being unable to move on.

Seeing how upset she is, Peter suggests she could come with him. However, once Simon catches wind of his plan, he's less than impressed and Peter chooses to take him instead as Abi means nothing to him.

Lashing out at him for the way he's treated her, Abi gets drunk whilst Peter tries to reason with her that alcohol isn't the answer.

Meanwhile, in the boat Simon shows Aadi and Asha round using a hurricane lamp he has lit. Leaving Simon on the boat Aadi and Asha extinguish the lamp and go home. But in the darkness someone knocks over the lamp and the smouldering wick ignites.

As a crowd gathers round the burning boat, Aadi and Asha tell Peter that Simon is still on board. Will he be able to rescue him in time?

Certain that she started the fire as a drunken act of revenge, Peter goes in search of Abi. But when she arrives back from a night out she denies playing any part in the blaze. But Peter still doesn't believe her and asks Carla to check the CCTV from the factory.

However when the police arrive, Sarah is surprised to see the past few days footage have been deleted. What is Carla hiding?

After hearing from Sally that the CCTV footage has been deleted, Peter is told by Cathy that she saw Abi across town at the time the fire started.

Storming round to Roy's flat, Peter accuses Carla of setting fire to the boat but as Carla denies any involvement, Roy leaps to her defence.


Roy struggles to deal with his mother's death

As Carla finds him sleepwalking

Shocked, Carla advises Roy to go and talk to someone as clearly it's his mum’s death that has brought this on.

But with Roy still pouring over the inscription on his mother’s ring yet, Carla enlists Brian’s help in a bid to unravel the mystery of Sylvia's ring.

After admitting that he's having trouble sleeping, Carla’s concerned for him and with Roy too tired to concentrate, Carla manhandles him up to the flat. As she tidies away Sylvia's belongings, she notices that Roy’s fallen asleep on the sofa.


Tyler wants to be a part of his baby's life

But how will Amy take the news?

Amy lies to Tracy when she's asked about her 12-week scan and tells her that she hasn't heard anything from the hospital. Despite her morning sickness, Amy sets off to school and after searching her room, Tracy finds a letter from the hospital and it becomes clear that Amy has been lying to them.

Showing Amy the letter, Steve and Tracy assure her that they’ll support her whatever she decides to do.

But they are soon interrupted by Vicky who says Tyler is sorry for the way he's behaved and wants to be part of the baby's life.

When they take Amy for dinner at the Bistro, Steve and Tracy are disgusted to find Tyler working there.


Tyrone has a secret admirer

Could it be Mary?

With Tyrone struggling to juggle work and parenthood, Dev sends Mary to his rescue, who tells Tyrone that she doesn't want paying. All she wants is to feel needed.

Mary insists Tyrone and Kevin head out for a few beers and offers to pop a hot water bottle in Tyrone’s bed for later. Touched by the gesture, Kevin reckons Mary fancies him. And when he later finds a mysterious Valentine's Day card on the mat, could it be from Mary?

Playing detectives, Tyrone and Kevin order some flowers and ask Mary to write the card for them, leaving Tyrone horrified to discover that the writing matches the one on the Valentine's Day card!


Chesney and Gemma argue

After she teaches Joseph to swear

Offering to cook tea for Chesney and Joseph, things don't quite go to plan for Gemma as she burns her hand and swears in front of Joseph.

And after refusing to go to bed, Chesney threatens Joseph with a week-long telly ban, only for Joseph to repeat Gemma's swear word before running upstairs. Shocked, Chesney berates Gemma for teaching Joseph a swear word and with the evening ruined, Gemma heads off in a strop.

In a bid to make up for the previous evening, Chesney springs a Valentine’s Day surprise on Gemma in the kebab shop, but it all goes pear shaped again as Chesney and Gemma get saucy in the kebab shop!


Coronation Street airs Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays at 7:30pm and 8:30pm on ITV


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