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CORRIE SPOILERS Monday 25th February - Friday 1st March

Next week in Corrie, Clayton threatens to kill Shona, time is running out for Amy and Brian loses Daniel's essay.

Here are all the latest pics and spoilers you need...

Clayton threatens to kill Shona

As he takes her hostage

After being turned away at the funeral, Shona and Billy are shocked when Macca and one of the undertakers attack the prison guard and free Clayton. When Billy wrestles Macca to the ground, Clayton escapes and David’s horrified to discover that he's done a runner and that Shona has been arrested.

Convinced Clayton will come after his kids, David orders Sarah to start packing their things as they’ve no choice but to leave, but Nick tells him that they can move into Victoria Court with him.

When Shona returns home safe, David is relieved and hugs her but when Shona tells him that Clayton's on the run, David worries that his kids' lives are now in danger. He tells her that if he catches Clayton before the police do, he’ll kill him.

Upon discovering that Shona attempted to supply drugs to Clayton and that someone broke into the house, a furious David orders her to pack her bags and leave. But as Shona climbs in to David’s car, Clayton gets into the back and orders her to follow his instructions and drive.

Later as Shona speaks to Clayton on the phone, we watch her steal £3k from David’s tin in the house before meeting up with Clayton at the derelict warehouse where she took him last night. Handing him food, Shona begs him to hand himself in. Grabbing the cash, Clayton makes a run for it before realising that the place is surrounded by police.

Meanwhile, back at the house David discovers the money has gone but is convinced Sarah took it. And when a police negotiator calls Clayton’s phone, he tells them that he has taken Shona hostage.

David is stunned when the police arrive at the house and tell him what has happened and him and Nick race to the derelict building but are told to stay behind the cordon. Putting a knife to Shona’s back, Clayton drags her out of the building and demands £10k and a car or she dies. David watches in horror.


Time is running out for Amy

As her lies get out of control

Amy receives some unwanted news when Tracy hands her a letter from the hospital regarding her next and Steve tells her and Tracy that he has upped the offer on the place on Victoria Street.

Over dinner in Speed Daal, Steve, Tracy and Amy celebrate their new house but when Steve suggests that they could find out the sex of the baby at the scan, Amy squirms.

When Tracy takes the day off to spend some quality time with Amy before the scan, Amy secretly wonders how she’s going to get out of it. When Tracy drops her at the salon for some pampering Bethany urges her to tell her parents the truth.

But back at home Amy locks herself in the bedroom and refuses to go for the scan.

At the Bistro, Tracy argues with Vicky about Amy and the baby and Vicky lunges at Tracy, pointing out that Tyler could have ended up on the Sex Offenders’ Register. As Tyler pulls them apart, Tracy rails at Robert for employing a rapist.


Brian loses Daniel's essay

As if he wasn't already stressed enough!

As Sinead begins her radiotherapy, Daniel beavers away on his essay and later admits to Roy that he’s struggling to juggle his MA, his job at the bistro and looking after Sinead and the baby.

Sinead persuades him to allow Brian to take a look at it while he spends some time with his son, but disaster strikes when Brian spills coffee over the laptop and his essay is due in today!

When Cathy and an apologetic Brian explain how they spilt coffee over Daniel’s laptop and fear his essay is gone forever, Sinead’s unfazed and reckons Daniel will have backed up his work on the cloud.

Having restored Daniel’s essay, Brian’s relieved and Daniel later despairs about his academic ability following the lecturer’s praise of the work that was really Brian’s. As Brian prepares to help some more Ken muscles in saying he also has an English degree and should be helping.


Coronation Street airs Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays at 7:30pm and 8:30pm on ITV


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