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CORRIE SPOILERS Zeedan’s convinced Kate and Sophie are having an affair

But how will Rana react to this news?

Yasmeen is worried that Zeedan is getting his hopes up after Rana offers to work a shift at Speed Dhal and suggests it’s time he got over her and found a new girlfriend. After he points out that she’s still married to Sharif, Yasmeen calls in the solicitors’ office and sets the wheels in motion for a divorce.

When Zeedan clocks Kate crying in Sophie’s arms he notes their intimacy with interest. In a bid to take her mind off Aidan, Kate suggests to Sophie they head into town and get drunk and invite Rana and Gemma.

During a joint interview about the new restaurant, Rana finds it too much when the journalist tries to put a romantic slant on the story and storms out.

Having clocked Kate and Sophie heading to town, Zeedan follows them, convinced they’re seeing each other. As she arrives at the pub, Rana’s horrified to see him taking photos of Kate and Sophie through the window.

How will she react when he admits he thought they were having an affair and was hoping to present her with the proof?

Inside, the girls play drinking games and when a group of lads try to join in Kate tells them to do one but the lads become nasty. As Phil and his mates loom over the girls, Sophie triggers her rape alarm and the lads run off.

Back on the street, Rana tells Kate that she’s asked Zeedan for a divorce and they kiss passionately in the ginnel. Unbeknown to them an angry Phil has followed them and grabs Kate.

As Kate struggles, Zeedan hears Rana scream and runs over punching Phil and knocking him unconscious.

These scenes will air Monday 14th - Friday 18th May on ITV


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