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CORRIE SPOILERS Zeedan says goodbye to Speed Dhal as his guilt sets in

But will anyone convince him to change his mind?

After attacking Phil, Zeedan is beside himself and desperately hopes that he'll pull through. The police question Steve as he's the one who found Phil. But there's not a lot he can tell them.

Having promised Zeedan that she'll find out what she can at the hospital, Rana assures him that Phil is expected to make a full recovery but their relief is short-lived when they spot the police leaving Steve’s flat.

When the police question Kate and Rana, they act dumb when told that Phil remembers seeing an Asian male. After Imran calls at Speed Dhal to proudly read out a review, Zeedan announces that he's packing in the restaurant, leaving Imran, Yasmeen, Alya and Rana shocked.

Will Imran and Yasmeen manage to convince Zeedan to not throw in the towel? Or will Rana's begging convince him to change his mind about leaving?

These scenes will air Monday 21st - Thursday 25th May on ITV

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