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Craig's surprise proposal puts Faye in a difficult situation in Corrie

Will she say yes, or choose a new life down south with Jackson and Miley instead?

When Jackson and Miley call at the factory to see Faye, she's touched when Craig presents them with 3 tickets for the Weatherfield Giants basketball game and insists they go and enjoy themselves.

As they head for the tram stop with Miley, Faye and Jackson share a lingering look. Later, back at the Bistro Craig presents Miley with a basketball signed by her favourite player.

Meanwhile, meeting up with Marco outside the precinct, Beth agrees to go for a drink and as they flirt on the swings, Marco makes his feelings clear and kisses Beth briefly on the lips.

After his interview, Faye and Jackson arrange to meet in town for a drink, with Faye lying to Craig and telling him that she's meeting a girlfriend.

Meanwhile, a guilty Beth tells Kirk she can’t make the meal he has booked as she is meeting some old pals for a drink. But when she arrives at the hotel bar with Marco in tow, Beth finds Faye there with Jackson.

Each having been caught on a date with their ex, they both share horrified looks and when Faye returns home with Jackson in tow, she's taken aback to find Craig there baking cookies with Tim and Miley.

When Jackson asks her to move down south with him as he's managed to get a new job, Faye it torn and her dilemma is compounded when Beth takes her to Victoria Street Gardens where a small crowd has gathered including Jackson and Miley.

When Craig gets down on one knee and declares his undying love for her, he asks Faye to marry him. What will she do?

Later in the factory, Kirk gives Beth the cold shoulder. But despite her assuring Kirk that she’s never going to see Marco again, he reckons it’s too little, too late.

Coronation Street continues Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays at 8pm on ITV1


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