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Daisy admits to sleeping with Ryan after Daniel offers to buy the Rovers in Corrie

What will Crystal do, when she discovers the truth?

Having gained permission from Waterfords, Daniel shows Daisy into the empty Rovers and she's gobsmacked when he suggests that rather than buying a flat in Redbank, they buy the pub instead. Will she agree to his plan? 

When Daisy breaks the news to Jenny that she and Daniel are buying the pub, Jenny and Ken are thrilled, but Daisy is thrown when Daniel tells her he hopes the next step will be her adopting Bertie.

When Daniel makes a throwaway comment about the gym job, the penny drops for Ryan and he tells Daisy he thinks Daniel knows about them and sabotaged the job, explaining to her about the video.

But Daisy reckons he’s overthinking things and back at the flat, talk about being a family gets to her and as she starts to fill in the adoption form, guilt gets the better of her and she admits to sleeping with Ryan. How will Daniel react? 

As Daisy does her best to try and convince Daniel she would never cheat again, he's devastated when she admits that she does love Ryan, but in a different way.

When Daisy tells Ryan that Daniel knows everything, before he can tell Crystal about his one-night stand with Daisy, Daniel storms into the bistro and lays into Ryan who leaves the bistro with Daniel in hot pursuit and a fight breaks out.

Prepared to give him another chance, as Crystal leaves for Glasgow in two days’ time she tells Ryan it’s up to him if he wants to go with her.  

Coronation Street continues Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays at 8pm on ITV1


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