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Daisy breaks into No.8 to help Jenny buy the Rovers in Corrie

Can Jenny get the money she needs in time?

When Jenny and Carla fail to persuade Audrey to hand over Stephen’s journal, Daisy tells Jenny not to give up as she deserves a cut of that money for what she went through and she could buy the Rovers back.

Calling at the bistro, Daisy spots all the Platts’ coats hanging up and steals David's keys. Letting herself into No.8, Daisy searches for the journal but is forced to run upstairs when Audrey arrives back. Will she be found?

Meanwhile, Jenny approaches Carla to ask her if she’ll lend her some money so that she can apply for a mortgage and buy the Rovers back. What will Carla say? 

Later, an emotional Carla and Debbie wave Ryan off as he leaves for Glasgow, whilst Daisy watches sadly as his taxi disappears from view. And Jenny and Daisy tell Dee-Dee that they’re off to the bank hoping to secure a loan to buy the Rovers.

Back In the Kabin, they break the news to Brian and Mary that the bank agreed to the loan and the pub will soon be theirs. But Jenny explains to Daisy that Waterfords have received another offer on the pub so they’ll have to submit a sealed bid.

Coronation Street continues Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays at 8pm on ITV1


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