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Daisy is shocked when stalker Justin turns up at her door in Corrie

Can Maria convince her to go back to the police?

After the catering company advises Daisy they are sending some wedding cake samples for her approval, she gathers Daniel, Ken, Jenny and Gemma at No.1 for the cake tasting. However, she's appalled when they're delivered by Justin!

When Daniel contacts the delivery firm to report his stalking, he's shocked when they refuse to take action without proof. And after Daniel admits to Ken that he’s worried about Justin posing a risk to Bertie, Ken promises they will help her through it.

After Daisy’s hair stylist cancels her wedding booking, Jenny suggests using Maria but Daisy brands her old and out of touch.

Having offended Maria, Daisy later apologises to her. As her phone pings repeatedly, she gets upset and a softening Maria opens up to Daisy about her own ordeal with a stalker and advises her to go back to the police.

Taking Maria's advice, Daisy tells Jenny that she’s been granted a hearing for a Stalking Protection Order next week.

Coronation Street continues Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays at 8pm on ITV1

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