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Daisy makes her move on Ryan in Corrie after clashing with Alya

But will he succumb to her advances?

When Alya tells Ryan that Debbie’s looking for a trainee manager at the bistro, he agrees to apply for the job.

However, Daisy tells Ryan that she knows a way for him to make money from his DJ-ing rather than taking a poxy job at the bistro.

Putting a business proposal together for Jenny, Daisy and Ryan suggest a mobile pub, with a DJ that the punters can hire and set up in their own gardens. Alya can’t help wondering if Daisy is after her boyfriend.

As Daisy and Ryan plan their promo party in Victoria Garden for Simon’s 18th birthday, Daisy instructs Alya to pay her friend a visit at the boutique in the precinct as she’ll sort her out with a wow dress.

But when Alya arrives for the promo party, she's gutted to see Daisy wearing exactly the same dress, convinced she's been set up.

Buzzing after the success of the party, Ryan returns home and sings Daisy’s praises. When Alya asserts that Daisy fancies him, Ryan leaps to her defence. And when Ryan announces that Daisy’s sorted him out with a DJ gig in Salford that evening, Alya takes the opportunity to confront Daisy.

Later, Daisy tells Ryan about the confrontation and when Ryan's gig gets cancelled, Daisy ushers Ryan into the back room and plies him with cocktails. When Alya calls in the Rovers, looking for Ryan, Daisy enjoys winding her up and keeps schtum about his whereabouts.

Placing her hand on Ryan’s leg, Daisy wonders which cocktail he’d prefer, the naggy girlfriend or the night of wild passion.

Coronation Street continues Mondays with all episodes available on ITV Hub ahead of being shown on ITV


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