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Daisy regrets cheating on Daniel with Ryan in Corrie

But can they keep Lauren quiet?

Meeting with Daniel, Ryan reveals that he's got cold feet about giving a talk to the kids in the STC. Confident that he'll get a lot out of it, Daniel persuades Ryan to go with him and summons Daisy to the STC to help allay Ryan's fears.

Ryan is grateful when Daisy offers to give the talk with him, and afterwards, Daisy praises his performance, telling him it's proof he can show his scars and stop resorting to anonymously stripping off for cash. But will Ryan agree?

Having injected himself with steroids, Ryan sets off for a walk with Daisy but at the precinct, is accidentally sprayed with fizzy pop as Max and Gav lark about. Seeing red, Ryan pins Gav to the ground and has to be held back from punching his lights out.

As Ryan breaks down, Daisy is stunned and is shocked when he confesses he’s been abusing steroids. Back home, Ryan steels himself and goes live on his fitness account. Removing the filter and announcing it’s time to stop lying, Ryan bravely reveals his face and opens up to his followers in a livestream video, confirming he’s closing the account and intends to start being himself again.

After watching the video Daisy calls at Ryan’s flat and praises his bravery, before pecking him gently on his scarred cheek, then on the lips. As Ryan responds, they start kissing passionately.

Feeling awful for cheating on Daniel, Daisy regrets getting carried away and they panic when Daniel bangs on the door.

When Lauren quizzes Ryan about his relationship with Daisy he insists she’s just a mate. And when Carla suggests Ryan move back in with them, he’s delighted but he is shocked to discover Daisy is doing a trial shift at the bistro. Can they work together?

Lauren is later thrown into panic when Ryan confirms that he’s moving back to his Aunty Carla’s and wonders how she will pay the bills by herself.

Returning home, Lauren finds Ryan packing his things and after revealing that she knows he slept with Daisy, Lauren demands £1000 to buy her silence but refuses to tell him why she needs the cash.

When Ryan tells a stunned Daisy, she promises to come up with the cash. But will it stop Lauren?

Coronation Street continues Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays at 8pm on ITV1


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