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Daisy's plan backfires as Jenny decides to buy the Rovers alone in Corrie

Could we see her and Johnny back together?

As Jenny heads excitedly into town, to sort out the mortgage for the Rovers, Daisy masks her panic and redoes the rota so that all of Sean's shifts go to her. But Emma points out that with Sean gone, so too has the hotpot recipe.

Whilst Daisy tries to play it down, Emma asserts she's not lifting a finger until Sean is reinstated.

Jenny is horrified to read the Double Glammy article in the Gazette and when she discovers that Daisy has stripped Sean of his shifts, and that Emma has staged a walk-out, she’s furious and reinstates Sean.

Daisy’s left humiliated, especially when Jenny reveals she’s looked at her finances and is going to buy the pub herself outright.

Meanwhile, after Ryan reveals that he's a DJ, Daisy urges him to reboot his career and follow his heart.

And when Johnny announces he’s found a new place to live, Jenny suggests a farewell drink and they reminisce over the good times.

Coronation Street continues Mondays with all episodes available on ITV Hub ahead of being shown on ITV

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