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Daisy's plan is exposed in Corrie as she continues to reel Daniel in

Will she succeed? And could Alya take Ryan back?

When Daisy overhears Adam telling Daniel that his house is worth £400,000, she casually asks him about Daniel and Adam’s quick to remind her she has a boyfriend.

Daisy tries to impress Daniel when he calls in the Rovers by claiming to be a lifelong fan of Byron. But her efforts are undermined when Ryan questions why she’s been looking up Byron quotes on her iPad and she's humiliated in front of Daniel.

Collaring Daniel, Daisy tries to justify her Byron faux pas, pretending she’s always wanted to be an English teacher.

When Daniel later drops off some teaching books for Daisy, Ryan wonders why Daisy never mentioned to him her dream of being a teacher but told Daniel. Accusing him of jealousy, Daisy flounces out.

As Adam changes a battery in Bertie’s toy, Daniel arrives to collect him and Sarah notices the old battery has vanished. Fearing that Bertie swallowed it, Daniel scoops him up to take him to the hospital.

In the street, a passing Daisy offers to administer first aid, but Daniel barks at her to get out of the way and rushes off.

When Daniel informs Jenny that Bertie’s fine and his scare was a false alarm, she mentions how her son Tom’s death hit Daisy hard and he later apologises to Daisy for being rude and insensitive earlier.

Revealing she took a first aid course after Tom’s death, Daisy admits Bertie’s scare brought back painful memories and Ryan tackles Daisy about their misunderstanding.

Meanwhile, Alya is smug to see that Daisy has ditched Ryan and set her sights on Daniel. Taking pity on Alya, Jenny reveals that Ryan cheating on her didn't happen the way she thinks. Alya’s intrigued. Could she take him back?

Coronation Street continues Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays at 7.30pm and 8.30pm on ITV


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