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Daisy tries to keep Nicky away from Daniel in Corrie

But is Nicky here to stay?

In the Rovers, Daisy shows Amy the anti-spiking lids she ordered to fit over the top of a drink. Amy’s impressed, while Daniel masks his unease.

Meanwhile, Daisy’s thrilled by Daniel’s show of commitment when he suggests they book a holiday.

Known for keeping her cards close to her chest, when it comes to affairs of the heart Daisy is not afraid to play dirty to keep her man. And things are looking good for barmaid Daisy and school teacher Daniel as sparks fly for the unlikely couple. It looks like Daisy has finally got her happy ever after.

But when a face from Daniel’s past returns in the shape of ex call girl Nicky the green-eyed monster takes over and Daisy pulls out all the stops to keep the two apart. Unnerved, Daisy lies to Nicky, making out Daniel has moved down south, before deleting a voicemail message on his phone from her.

Finding Daniel at school, Nicky reveals she got fed up with Lytham and decided to return to Weatherfield. After revealing that she's applied for a teaching assistant role, Daniel's delighted and agrees to meet her for a drink.

Introducing Nicky to Daisy, Nicky reveals they’ve already met and that Daisy told her he’d moved down south! With Nicky determined to stick around, how will Daisy react when she discovers the truth about Nicky’s past life?

Coronation Street continues Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays at 8pm on ITV with an extra episode on Sunday 6th March


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