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Dan pleads guilty at his hearing in Emmerdale

Will Amelia be able to face her father after this?

Dan's mind races when Wendy tells him they might be bringing Lloyd out of his coma and Amelia is later thrown when she's verbally attacked by Julie, whose rage soon turns to tears as she reveals that Lloyd isn’t coming out of his coma.

Later, Julie's rage turns to tears as she verbally attacks Amelia, leaving her thrown and in turmoil as a raging Julie exits, determined to bring Amelia down.

With Amelia in turmoil, a raging Julie exits, determined to bring Amelia down and when a panicked Amelia unloads on to Sarah, she's left pondering when it's suggested she lie about Lloyd assaulting her.

However, Sarah has a change of heart, worried about Amelia going through with the lie but Amelia’s resolved to do what it takes to protect her Dad. And when Dan questions Sarah on Amelia's whereabouts, she breaks, blaming herself for what Amelia's about to do.

Rushing out, a frantic Dan and Victoria fear they won’t get to Amelia in time.

Meanwhile, a terrified Amelia braces herself to make a statement to the police.

As a stressed Dan waits for his hearing to start, Amelia's face darkens when Julie arrives. And as the court is announced, Dan braces himself for what’s to come and as he glances at Julie, he’s met with an overwhelming sense of guilt.

Struck by his memories of hitting Lloyd, a wretched Dan pleads guilty, leaving Amelia unable to face her father after his guilty plea.

Emmerdale continues Mondays to Fridays at 7.30pm on ITV1


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